Tuesday, April 28, 2009

brtmu n brpsah..

Nape stiap prtmuan kna da prpisahn??

Juz about an hour ago, my beloved roommate had went back to her hometown..

It was extremely sad bcoz i assumed her as my own sis..

it was kind of losing someone that u loved most.

She always comfort me whenever I have problem..

She always help me eventhough i can make it on my own..

The most important thing, she always care abt me..huhu

Thnx so much my dear.

Sometimes, i am too hectic wif my study and i juz leave the books on the table..

I know they make my place looks messy but what to do..

Mlas nk kmas..hehe

And she asks me weather i need her help..

N the typical answer from me is absolutely not..hehe

Then, she came to my place and this is the time, i will arrange the books nicely..

If not, she will arrange it..

I don’t want her to do my own job..

It was so sad when i sent her belongings to the taxi..

I hugged her and kissed her..

I didn't want her to go away from me..

But I had to let her go.hehe

Emo lbih..

Even the taxi driver had to comfort me..

It’s funny lol.

He said that’ normal la 2, klu brtmu msti kna brpsah’huhu

Then, she called me and asked me to take care of myself..

And i tried my best to hide my feeling..

She said, "Nyah, don’t start to cry k .."

i said," Ok la nyah..ko igt ko chntek.."

she rplied," lmbt lg.."

But i can’t hold my tear anymore.

I looked at your bed but its had vacant..

Oh my Lord, i remembered about dis morning..

U woke me up and i said i didn’t want

to go..

But you said dat i have to go.

Since dis is the last day, i follow her instructions..hehe

Spent the last day together..

3 days in a row we spent the precious time together..

It was so memorable and unforgettable..

But it was not enuff..

1st day-bkit cerakah

2nd day – bkit raja

3rd day – dlm UiTM je..best jgak..(aku x

pnah explore)hehe

KAK IPI, i’m gonna miss u..

If u come to Kedah, do not hesitate to tell me..

U’re most welcome to my house..mmuah2..

sok, Jane plak blik..

Abes air mata aku...

nnti tggu 10hb mei ni plak..aduhh

p/s : Aku syg korg..


Lin O said...

xpe, u have 10 more days to kumpul air mata. ;)

sbr mare, its not the end of the friendship, n tht's what count most ;)

jane said...

mary, i miss u!!
menitis air mataku membaca blog ko ni..sedih amat. sebak di dada. =(
aku syg ko. kita dah dua sem jadi roomate. memang sangat akrab. huhu.. aku rindu kamu..

Biskut Marie said...

LIN-yes, it's not d end..
BUT when we can hang out 2gether again??

JANE: jane, i luv u 2..
skali syg,slama2nya aku syg kamu..
i miss u n kek lapis..hehe

Khaulah Al-Azwar said...

salam~ o0o0o
dh jumpa blog cik mariam nie =D

Fifiey 4206 said...

sALAM akakrz nyah....aku baru nak stat wat blog neh ( tu pown lecturer suro) pastu aku carik arrr ko nyer blog...at last jupe....sdey shioot aku baru bacer post ko arinih....aku pown syg kat ko manyak9 ma......aku da x saba4 nak pg shah alam nak g lawat korang neh....miss u so much lol....huahuahuahua

AiN said...

maryam..naper u x update blog??
update laa..nk bace..